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  About Us

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of Mumbai's leading Intra City Courier Service Provider with a sound infrastructure and a band of committed staff. If a man is known by the company he keeps, we are second to none! We sell our services through our convention of providing "Proof of Deliveries" comprising of signature of the consignee for each and every document sent through us!

In a field where at the end of the day, 99 well executed assignments hold no significance against one failure, which can put our reputation at stake, the record of our consistent performance and reliability can be judged by the clients that we deal with and duration of our association with them.

In today's customer service oriented world, prompt, punctual, reliable, and on the dot service is sought to enhance future business growth. Hence our name Dart on Dot Couriers implies precisely the quality of the service we provide.

We have learned through our long-term experience in the courier service industry, how to meet and exceed each customer's expectations by providing services that are customized according to their needs. We have understood through experience that acquiring and maintaining loyal repeat business is of utmost importance for our long term sustainability. Thus we have been providing excellence in services and have long term relationships with all our clients since our inception, who we serve even today! We know that because of such quality services, spreading the word of our business through this loyal clientele is also effortless.

In this competitive market of courier services, providing quality service is of paramount importance. We believe in delivering quality services because of which we deal with Asset Management Companies, Mutual Funds and Banks which have very confidential and important documents to be delivered which they get it delivered through us!